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Prepare To Be Amazed By Aqua Creations

aquacreations sunsachandelier1 lighting

Aqua Creations is a relatively new company that designs and produces lights. However, these lights are no ordinary lights!

It is clear from the image above that these lights are a cut above the rest. They offer a unique sense of sculpture and form as wall as being practical and functional.

The designer and owner are a husband and wife team Ayala(designer) and Albi Serfaty(owner and photographer) who have been running their business, Aqua Creations, since 1994.

Ayala drew her inspiration for this collection of lights and lamps from the sea and the animals that inhabit it.

This lamp below, the Starlight 220, is quite clearly based on the Starfish and the company have used materials that best echo the color and texture of the real thing. This light is a wall or ceiling lamp so it is wall mounted.

aquacreations starlight220lamp1 lighting

The next light below is an amazing example of lighting as art. There is no reason why you should settle for a plain, stark, chrome lamp when you could be basking in the glorious glow of this Morning Glory light from Aqua Creations.

aquacreations morninggloryfloorlamp1 lighting

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  1. Alfredo Perez Says:

    These lights are amazing..

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