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A Charming Retreat in the Snows of French Quebec

la luge1 architecture

In the coldest northern reaches of the Canadian countryside, a warm and cozy Quebecois home is completely lined in wood.

la luge3 architecture

A toasty hot tub gurgles in the snow outside.

la luge15 architecture

A door from the bath room accesses this glass sided sauna room.

The many sensuous pleasures of this holiday house make for a wonderful experience that defies the northern cold.

la luge10 architecture

A wonderful deep soaking tub is there to unthaw frozen toes.

la luge11 architecture

Instead of a poky dark enclosed bathroom this is another big sunny room in the house.

A small sliding in the hallway beyond can close the space off when privacy is needed.

la luge14 architecture

A small kids bunk bedroom leads off up several stairs from the living room.

la luge4 architecture

The warmth of the childrens’ bunk room calls kids home on a cold evening.

la luge6 architecture

Wood is used on ceilings and walls as well as floors.

la luge7 architecture

The parents’ bedroom watches as the trees silently manufacture more wood like that used throughout the house.

la luge2 architecture

The master bedroom and the dining room share a shaded porch (which is probably used more in summer!)

la luge12 architecture

In a clever use of apparent space, the dining room shares some of the windows for the bedroom beyond.

la luge13 architecture

As can be seen from the compact plan, the apparent spaciousness of this house comes through this kind of clever double use of views of other rooms.

la luge9 architecture

Interestingly, one entrance to enter the house leads down several steps.

la luge8 architecture

Sunlight reflected off the endless snow round the house, floods all four sides of its main open space with the kitchen at one side, and the living room on the other.

la luge5 architecture

The pleasing design is from the Montreal-based firm Yiacouvakis Hamelin Architectes.

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