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A Clever Light-Filled Home in Hiroshima

machi1 architecture

A light-filled home by UID Architects in Hiroshima for a family with two children brings bits of sky in from every angle.

machi2 architecture

Surprisingly compact and impersonal on the outside, this secret home in the heart of an industrial city gives nothing away.

machi3 architecture

Its very narrow footprint could result in a dark interior. But instead, surprising and beautiful spaces.

mach10 architecture

Surprisingly, the bath room and the bedroom are at street level, on the ground floor.

machi5 architecture

Cleverly, privacy is created by vertical venetian blinds that block the sightline down into the rooms within.

machi9 architecture

You journey up to the public spaces.

Although what you can see outside is boringly industrial, the interior spaces within this secret dwelling are light and exhilarating.

machi7 architecture

Little obvious attempt is made to really screen out the public world, yet it is removed.

machi8 architecture

From the moment you enter under this clever broad expanse of white mesh screen, the compact exterior seems to expand and opens out.

machi6 architecture

Like so many architectural innovations in landlocked Japan, the design truly makes the best of its tiny infill space in the city.

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  1. Robin Horton / Urban Gardens Says:

    Talk about indoor/outdoor and the blend between exterior and interior spaces–this is great! Thanks for your great shares.

  2. Machi House / UID Architects | External Brain Says:

    […] Hiroshima for a family with two children brings bits of sky in from every angle — via Home Design Find This entry was posted in Design. Bookmark the permalink. ← Red Panda Hunting / […]

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