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A Contemporary Apartment in a Historic Stone Building in Israel

jaffa1 architecture

An ancient historic building facing towards Europe and the west in Jaffa has been renovated by Pitsou Kedem Architect to add a contemporary interior.

jaffa2 architecture

An urban loft environment is conjured with a smooth and refined expanse of floor that’s sleek and contemporary, while elements such as the shape of the windows gracefully echo the original structure.

jaffa3 architecture

Its Old Jaffa location is rich in history, facing the majestic splendor of the Mediterranean Sea.

jaffa6 architecture

The interior that had undergone many previous alterations and new walls, was peeled back to the old stone walls, reopening the airy interior spaces of antiquity.

jaffa7 architecture

The building has been cleaned of all of the extraneous elements, from newer wall coverings and has undergone a peeling process to expose its original state.

jaffa4 architecture

The romance of the historical location is preserved in the textures and materials of the building’s structure.

jaffa8 architecture
The project preserves the rustic charm of the original structure, built of a combination of pottery and beach sand, while creating a contemporary space.

jaffa5 architecture

Despite the time differences, the tensions and the dichotomy between the periods exist in a surprisingly balanced and harmonic space.

jaffa9 architecture

The renovation restores the structure’s original characteristics, the stone walls, the segmented ceilings and the arches including the exposure of the original materials

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