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A Curious Stockholm Attic Retrofit

Stockholm attic1 architecture

Here is another gorgeous rooftop retrofit from one of the many the generous attics of the old city of Stockholm.

stockholm3 architecture

The ancient city seems to boast an abundant supply of attic potential.

stockholm2 architecture

In this one, a clean slice has been made through the apex of the roof to yield a big modern sun-filled big glassed space.

stockholm61 architecture

With half the gable roof gone, sheltering under half of it must feel like looking out from a cave-like space.

stockholm8 architecture

However there is some strange decorating in the house.

stockholm7 architecture

The kitchen has something lurid going on with fluorescent green plastic.

attic16 architecture

And the bathroom is tarted up with random lurches into a variety of looks that lead almost to student-decorating territory.

stockholm5 architecture

While the master bedroom is also devoid of an organised decorating intent, here the effect is sweetly unassuming and innocent, as if the occupant has been simply too busy to think about such matters.

stockholm4 architecture

But the new living space carved out from the attic is modern and warm.

On the posh ESNY site for sale for almost one and a half million.

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3 Comments so far to “A Curious Stockholm Attic Retrofit”
  1. Pegasus Lighting Says:

    I wish my attic space looked like that – modern and inviting. I especially like the line of wall sconces (or is that lit shelving?) by the TV. But, I do not understand that green lighting in the kitchen! That couldn't make food (especially meat) look very appetizing, could it?

  2. StyleLinx Says:

    Gorgeous images! Such a peaceful retreat!…

  3. Susan Kraemer Says:

    Hadn't thought of that! Agreed

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