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A Cycladic Retreat on the Island of Santorini

tholos4 architecture

Set on the bewitching Greek island of Santorini is a special resort.

tholos3 architecture

The luxury Hotel Tholos overlooks the Mediterranean Sea.

tholos16 architecture

The hotel is set among typical Greek white-washed villages nestled at the tops of the steep sides of the caldera of an extinct volcano.

tholos8 architecture

The village is the tiny settlement of Imerovigli.

tholos10 architecture

The hotel is built in the traditional Cycladic style, with its curved whitewashed walls and roofs.

tholos11 architecture

It offers the best vantage point for the incredible views of the deep cobalt sea and clear limitless Aegean skies.

tholos7 architecture

Each suite has balconies opening out onto the glorious scene.

tholos1 architecture

These offer panoramic views towards the crater, now submerged in the deep blue water of the Mediterranean.

tholos14 architecture

White stucco balconies set off the blue water perfectly.

tholos5 architecture

Staying here would feel like a vacation at the top of the world.

tholos12 architecture
Rarely sighted, but wildflowers can now grow in the rocky volcanic island soil.

tholos9 architecture

The utterly peaceful and tranquil setting changes with the ever changing light.

tholos15 architecture
The setting sun rakes light across the rough concrete floor to the balcony.

tholos6 architecture
Inside, travertine stone makes up the floors.

tholos17 architecture

Arched ceilings frame the views.

tholos18 architecture

Some of the internal decor is a little too storybook romance for most people over five, but this too plays off the barely credible setting.

tholos13 architecture

Could this volcano have had something to do with the mysterious sinking of the mythical Atlantis?

tholos2 architecture

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