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A Gorgeous Minimal Malibu Beach House

Malibu1 architecture

Here’s an appealing simple concave-shape house, created by a cube of air chopped out of the middle.

Malibu2 architecture

It’s utter simplicity perfectly reflects the boundless Pacific… that stretches across the horizon, literally from the ends of the earth.

Malibu3 architecture

Built by Owen Dalton, it confronts the ocean at Malibu, in California.

Malibu4 architecture

The beach house has everything you need (ie: not much) to relax in this heavenly space.

Malibu6 architecture

The bedroom is as sublimely simple as the endless blue seas it looks out on.

Malibu5 architecture

Even the pillow sofa looks like passing puffy clouds in the sky.

Malibu7 architecture

At the back of the central open space, the kitchen takes up the side wall.

Malibu8 architecture

Behind the kitchen, in the tiny enclosed side of the house, is the bathroom.

Malibu1 architecture

The opposite enclosed side of the open cube houses the stairs that open at the front of the house to the bedroom on the second floor.

Malibu9 architecture

Simplicity itself in uncomplicated design for an idyllic life.

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