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A Horse Barn in an Old Land Gets a New Life

atelier data1 architecture

Atelier Data renovate a former horse barn in the agricultural region of Alcacer do Sal, Portugal, into a pleasingly laid-back vacation home, with a reinterpretation of traditional building techniques and materials.

atelier data6 architecture

The clients wanted to maintain the sturdy original wooden structure of the roof and the axis of movement along the central aisle of the original horse path.

atelier data10 architecture

The original barn had had five spaces about the same size, divided by thick walls, to house the horses.

Now four have been converted into bedrooms and one serves as the kitchen/ living room.

atelier data7 architecture

The master bedroom is positioned at the far end, giving the parents some privacy, while being an open and airy space.

atelier data9 architecture

The practical and spacious kitchen is full of the friendly energy of the morning sun.

atelier data4 architecture

The former stall across from the kitchen, is now a family gathering space.

atelier data2 architecture

The old stable floor had been a simple cement floor, which in the conversion was then waxed, a traditional technique.

atelier data5 architecture

This old technique of waxed cement is also used for the white walls throughout, in both the dry areas as well as in the wet environment of the showers in each bedroom.

atelier data8 architecture

“The conversion of the stables in the case, gave us the opportunity to think about domestic space and also to test how people can live in older rural structures,” say the architects.

atelier data3 architecture

In the conversion of this venerable old agricultural building, they have invented a new domestic space.

The project is the first phase of their comprehensive strategy of revive an old agricultural land and design a new way to live there.

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