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A Minimal Kiwi Beach Hut is a “Lock-up-and-leave”

Coromandel8 architecture

Surprisingly welcoming when open, this versatile hut designed by Auckland’s Cross Clarke Carnachan offers the simplest of possible accommodations on an idyllic white sand beach in New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula.

Coromandel9 architecture

But when the family of five is away, it can be completely closed, waiting for next time.

Coromandel10 architecture

Sleds make it possible to be repositioned on a beach front, offering novel views for each summer’s holiday.

The roof catches enough rainwater – for short stays – held in these two tanks fed by gravity directly below to the shower and kitchen.

Coromandel1 architecture

The box opens by folding up an accordian pleat in its front to create the porch roof over an “outdoor” room.

Coromandel2 architecture

Small, simple and elegantly self-contained, the design strips holiday living right back to basics.

Coromandel3 architecture

The most egalitarian industrial fittings, including a serviceable wood burner, fit neatly inside.

Coromandel4 architecture

Economical and unassuming, built in the simplest and most economical plywood materials, the hut embraces the most egalitarian of Kiwi recreations.

Coromandel5 architecture

The sleeping quarters are directly overhead, and accessed by ladder.

Coromandel6 architecture

A quick shower from the rainwater tanks is enough to remove the sand from between the toes.

Coromandel7 architecture

Amazing, three children and their parents can be housed for “The Hols” in this tiny, ingeniously designed, extremely compact hut.

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2 Comments so far to “A Minimal Kiwi Beach Hut is a “Lock-up-and-leave””
  1. Michelle richards Says:

    I would love to know more and is there anyone in states building theses or can we buy blue prints? We are planning on building in Nicaragua and we will only be there part time. Please send info.
    Michelle Richards( Oregon)

  2. Susan Kraemer Says:

    Anytime you see a design you like, I think you could contact the architect for blue prints.

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