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A Modern Classic on Formentera from Maria Castello Martinez

Casa Amalia1 architecture

Amalia House is a lovely pure classic renovation of a 1970s building near des Calo des Mort, on the south coast of the island of Formentera.

Casa Amalia2 architecture

Maria Castello Martinez has captured the peace and austerity of the traditional architecture of the island, but with a contemporary design language.

Casa Amalia8 architecture

A very reduced palette of whites and off-whites and materials is used to blend old and new a capri limestone pavement, plaster coatings partitions, ceilings and other vertical walls.

Casa Amalia5 architecture

Given the many restrictions of the original structural walls, the resulting harmony achieved is all the more miraculous.

In the redesign, the architect pays careful attention to how the building should come into contact with the ground.

Casa Amalia4 architecture

In the debugging of the problems,  these volumes are now sculpted into a fluid exchange between open spaces.

Casa Amalia3 architecture

While the original lacked any harmony or cohesion, haphazardly designed in phases between 1970 and 1990, with random steps and floors and platforms with an unclear program, the architect has made these volumes add up to a real, solid, classic, harmonious space.

Now the Casa Amalia drinks in the splendid views to the sea from platforms and roof terraces.

Casa Amalia7 architecture

The project could not alter the existing volumes, because the urban classification of the parcel on which the house is situated set a very restrictive set of parameters.

Casa Amalia9 architecture

The main floor has two unified relationship spaces, in two adjacent, long, narrow spaces. This is the (living – dining – kitchen). Entering from the center of this wall is the (bedroom – dressing – bathroom).

Casa Amalia11 architecture

On the left is the original wall placement, that had to be mostly retained.

Casa Amalia15 architecture

The architect used a very unusual layout, placing the bedroom and bathroom in the center. The walls could not be removed, leaving a long narrow space. The bedroom is at one end.

Casa Amalia12 architecture

The bathroom is arranged around and behind the central unit, unified by the all white painted MDF and laminated glass for most of the built-in furniture.

Casa Amalia13 architecture

The toilet is at the other side of that interior structure housing the shower and bath.

Casa Amalia18 architecture

Within these limits, the space opened up outside is a place of grace. These neoclassical pillars just perfectly frame the world beyond.

Casa Amalia6 architecture

In the tallest part of the small building, overlooking a terrace, is the guest bedroom.

Casa Amalia20 architecture

The architect has made the necessity of some sort of safety rail into a long writing desk, with a long view across the roof terrace above the two long narrow rooms downstairs.

Casa Amalia17 architecture

This is a clever dual use of the dead space next to the stair. The custom built-in furniture is waterproof MDF painted white.

Casa Amalia14 architecture

This makes the guest bedroom into a writing room without seeming busy.

Casa Amalia16 architecture

This top floor is accessed via large stairs made of slabs of natural sandstone.

Casa Amalia10 architecture

The study-guest bedroom window looks across the roof.

Like many older designs, the original had barely made use of the splendid surrounding natural environment.

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