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A “Nest in the Forest” for a Small Family

nest1 architecture

This very original house in Japan with seemingly random skylights is a compact 81 sqm, but looks much bigger because of its unusual layers of floors.

nest14 architecture

“Above the ground a floating wooden nest box composed of things like branches and fallen leaves cover the nest on the ground’s surface.”

nest15 architecture

UID Architects name their gentle dwelling for a mother and her two daughters, and their cat, the “nest house in the forest.”

nest16 architecture

The architects describe it as “spaces that are similar to the forest’s comfortable sunshine and shade” following the natural climate.

nest architecture

The mezzanine level contains a surprise.

nest21 architecture

The floor level morphs abruptly into a kitchen bench top in a partially sunken kitchen..

nest5 architecture

Below the central cutout in the floor is an entrance that fully incorporates nature, dirt, rocks, bugs and all, right into the center of the home.

nest4 architecture

As your gaze soars up, the vast expanse of plywood cladding gives the feeling of living in a forest glade inside a gigantic peeled open tree.

nest10 architecture

Startlingly original, the house has no glass in some of its skylights and windows.

nest7 architecture

Sliding doors can separate off bedrooms – a traditional Japanese concept – and also the kitchen bench from the walkway.

nest8 architecture

The ground floor literally burrows into the ground.

nest9 architecture

On the entry level partly below ground, the mothers bedroom looks out into the inner courtyard plants.

nest17 architecture

The underground entrance creates a space for bikes.

nest11 architecture

The daughters are of an age where falling through this unique tree-like dwelling is not a worry.

nest12 architecture

The open air pavilion design celebrates the very traditional Japanese sense of simply to experience nature as it is, even if that means being unprotected from the elements.

nest13 architecture

A welcome home that offers the bare minimum of shelter, with only the plywood between the family and their surroundings, “similar to creatures that generate their nest under elements that cover forest’s ground.”

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