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A Perfectly Serene Desert Spa

amangiri1 architecture

This living room with a view is only the first clever design in an amazing desert resort in Southern Utah, designed by a trio of architects, Marwan Al-SayedWendell Burnette and Rick Joy.

amangiri3 architecture

In the most succinct way possible, by using a box shape in the middle of the living room, the room doubles as a perfectly peaceful and serene bedroom.

And by using the headboard of the bed as a desk with a view, it is a spacious office.

amangiri10 architecture

Behind the bedroom, this elegantly laid out bathroom is private behind a wall of closet space.

amangiri9 architecture

And from the public view in, it is once more a welcoming living room, betraying nothing private.

amangiri4 architecture

Children’s rooms too get a breath of healthy fresh air.

amangiri2 architecture

The detailing on this bench/perimeter/fireplace is exquisite in its perfect simplicity.

amangiri8 architecture

The Amangiri Resort and Spa condenses the dry desert limestone surroundings into a concentrated and perfect harmony of rock and air.

amangiri6 architecture

What a beautiful, strange mystery is this submerged platform carved in blocks from the dry desert rock landscape, culminating in this square of golden water.

amangiri5 architecture

The landscape has set foot in the rather more mundane tourist resort pool.

amangiri71 architecture

The pale shades of the surrounding stone landscape is echoed in the natural stone floors and pigmented concrete walls.

amangiri11 architecture

Even the built-in stone furniture continues the pale neutral shades, blending with light-coloured cushions and throws.

amangiri12 architecture

They have concocted a place as still as the dry mountains beyond, perfect for meditation.

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  1. John Wingate Says:

    Phenomenal homes!

    I just listed a home that has some design which is very rare in my area. IT was an A-frame home with a balcony at the top to overlook the backyard with a man made pond. I love seeing creative home ideas and this blog has that!

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