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A Romantic Cliffside Hotel on the Deep Aegean Sea

katikies5 architecture

The romantic Cycladian-style Katikies Hotel is set on the island of Santorini in the Aegean Sea.

katikies2 architecture

Its architecture pays tribute to the ancient traditional architecture of the Cyclades archipelago.

katikies 1 architecture

For centuries, the people of the mediterranean have fashioned their gently curved dwelling places from the materials at hand.

katikies4 architecture

The arid, rocky mediterranean islands like Santorini were formed of ancient volcanos and have no forests.

katikies3 architecture

It was natural to carve dwellings into the existing cliffs, just as trees became a building material in most other regions.

katikies7 architecture

Here the platform juts out from the backdrop of the rocky cliffs, leading up a staircase to a stunning view of the crisp blue Agean beyond.

katikies8 architecture

The immaculately white villages suspended on the edge of the crater form a stark contrast to the “wine dark” sea.

katikies9 architecture

The romantic hotel is set on the heights of the cliffs on the north coast of the island, nestled in the small village of Oia.

katikies6 architecture

Discreet and calm, the contemplative Santorini thrives on its gentle art de vivre.

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