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A Solar Dream Realized in Korea

lifethings8 architecture

On this perfect-for-solar house in Korea, the roof is sloped at an angle to receive best sun exposure year around and sized for 3KW PV system providing all its electricity, and solar heat collection tubes to heat its water.

lifethings3 architecture

In addition to the solar energy, efficiency is key. Windows are sized to prevent heat loss, and placed to facilitate easy cross ventilation.

lifethings1 architecture

This net zero energy house in GyeongSangNam-do was inspired by an experience of the client’s; an architectural educator.

lifethings2  architecture

As a student in Milan, Italy, she was affected by a local truck-drivers’ union strike against the rocketing oil price.

lifethings4 architecture

Within three days into the strike, there were no fresh groceries to be found in the city.

lifethings9 architecture

The experience drove home our reliance on fossil fuels.

lifethings10 architecture

She decided to imagine an alternative vision for future architecture.

lifethings7 architecture

This house, Sosoljip is Dr. Jung’s first step towards her dream of self reliant communities.

lifethings11 architecture

She commissioned the Korean architecture firm Lifethings to build it.

lifethings5 architecture

The house houses the client and her parents. The client’s space is a large studio with private living space on the mezzanine level. The studio serves as a classroom for the architecture workshops she runs.

lifethings12 architecture

Sosoljip had to serve as proof that net zero building does not have to be expensive.

lifethings6 architecture

The 230 square meter house for the client and her elderly parents, and an architectural education studio, and including the PV system, the solar heat collection tubes, the wood burning boiler, with four kitchens and four bathrooms, was completed with $284,000.

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