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A Spare Room that Floats on a Lake

Floating1 architecture

Who hasn’t wished they had a nearby lake where they could put up extra guests on occasion?

Floating2 architecture

The Kenjo Floating Cabin answers that need with a self-contained floating room.

A solar panel on the roof supplies its minimal electrical needs.

Floating6 architecture

The Swedish prefab builder Kenjo built the floating guest room on-air during a Swedish TV show.

Floating3 architecture

Their company in Limmared makes small prefab cabins designed for those needing more space to accommodate guests.

Floating5 architecture

A balmy holiday can be had by your guests in their handy home away from home.

Floating7 architecture

The ideal laid-back guest bedroom, with its roomy setting on your lake you happen to have handy.

Floating4 architecture

The guest room can be moored at your lake’s edge, or steered sedately about with its small outboard motor.

Floating8 architecture

The cabins are built entirely from Swedish Spruce, that Sweden has plenty of.

(There’s more being made right here in the background.)

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