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A Stunning Yacht House in the Crimea

foros5 architecture

A very beautiful yacht house that includes four apartments for vacations is sited on the southernmost tip of Ukraine’s Crimean coastline.

foros13 architecture

Designed by the Italian firm based in the UK,Robin Monotti Architects, the Foros Yacht House is inspired by the traditional Russian “dacha” holiday homes.

foros11 architecture

Neighbours include the dachas of former USSR president Gorbachev and current Ukrainian president Yanukovich, and close by are magnificent palaces and churches from the Tsarist era.

foros2 architecture

Monotti conceived the building as a contemporary reinterpretation of these traditional villas on the coast.

foros4 architecture

The design started with the central yacht storage space which is a space 18 feet high and 45 feet deep.

foros14 architecture

The original idea was just to store the client’s 13 foot yacht, and provide “captain’s” quarters.

foros12 architecture

Only afterwards did the client decide to add the three rental apartments, taking advantage of “the Russian Riviera”, with its dramatic coastal scenery and balmy Mediterranean climate.

foros3 architecture

The apartments are clustered around the yacht house space at various levels, almost like barnacles on a rock.

foros10 architecture

The clustering solves a design problem of how to avoid the gigantic yacht-house door from overpowering the structure.

foros6 architecture

Each of the apartments boasts gorgeous views above glassed framed balconies straight out to sea, unimpeded by window framing.

foros7 architecture

The immediate sounds and smells of the sea environment is ever present, in all its changing moods.

foros8 architecture

The apartments don’t let you forget you are exposed to the marine environment; you can almost taste the salty sea spray here.

foros9 architecture

Beautifully proportioned on the minimal structure, portholes referencing naval architecture avoid seeming tacky.

foros15 architecture

Entered from the road along the cliff, the entrance to the building has only narrow slits to let in light, so that once inside, the viewer is hit by the contrast of a blast of light looking out to sea.

foros1 architecture

The result is a building that becomes an iconic addition to the most sought after 30 km band of coastline in the Ukraine.

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