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A Sweet Cabin in the Woods Overlooks a Forest Stream

creekside cabin4 architecture

This cosy hideout in the deep woods of Santa Rosa takes advantage of a quiet view of a forest stream deep in the woods.

creekside cabin1 architecture

All kinds of water views bring a sense of peace and rest, but few houses utilize the sights and sounds of a babbling creek to impart that feeling.

This bright hot fire contrasts wondrously with the dark cold forest creek.

creekside cabin3 architecture

This Amy A. Alper house in Northern California’s famed Redwood forests is a renovation of an existing cabin – but with a twist.

The original cabin is still inside!

creekside cabin2 architecture

It’s in a part of northern California where generations of forest dwellers have long loved to sink sweet cottages deep into the woods.

creekside cabin7 architecture

The architect designed a new double-height living room addition to wrap the weathered shingles and period windows which still open to connect the kitchen and living room.

creekside cabin5 architecture

The ancient beams of the original cottage echo the soft dark surrounding forest which is quietly rotting back into the earth – and simultaneously giving birth to fresh green new growth.

cabin architecture

In the same way, within the cabin, new materials contrast with the old.

creekside cabin6 architecture

Only the original reclaimed beams remain to mediate the “fresh new growth” of the forest bathroom.

cabinbefore architecture

Like so many older homes, the original cottage, a 1920’s shingle-style weekend cabin, somehow failed to allow for views of the creek.

Now it is finally sited correctly – without removing the original!

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3 Comments so far to “A Sweet Cabin in the Woods Overlooks a Forest Stream”
  1. virtuves baldai Says:

    What a lovely House overlooking the River

  2. Julie Says:

    I HATE those silly looking sinks. It's as if people just parrot what the trendy magazines tell you is in. Everyone copies everyone else and we end up with these atrocities which pass as "chic". Before I even saw this bathroom I just knew it would have those silly style sinks. This bathrooms will be the first thing ripped out once this god awful faddish trend is over.

  3. Shana Says:

    what a negative post! try and at least find something nice to say first!
    this cabin is a dream, to me! i love it! someday, i hope to have a little cabin of my own. :)

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