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A Sweet Vacation Idyll on Formentera

Marni1 architecture

A rustic trellis of slim reeds effectively shades a patio on the dreamy Spanish island of Formentera.

marni2 architecture

Sofa cushions atop a stone bench have been shaped to accommodate a rustic tree trunk post that helps support the roof.

marni3 architecture

The casually insouciant dwelling is the getaway spot for the fashion designer Consuelo Castiglioni.

marni10 architecture

He is the creator of the equally relaxed fashion house Marni.

marni4 architecture

The very haphazardly put-together home looks extremely unlikely to have lasted this long, and yet somehow it has.

marni5 architecture

The result of this slapdash and yet enduring environment sends a subtle message.

Relax – everything just kind of works out in the end.

marni11 architecture

The designers sensibility can be seen in the naively disarming simplicity of this bed construction and the unpretentious sheets and pillows.

marni7 architecture

The house preserves ancient traditions of hand shaped and whitewashed walls in the somnolent paradise.

marni9 architecture

Softly shaped walls create a slow-moving atmosphere of calm and relaxation.

marni6 architecture

Just how thick the traditional walls are can be seen in this tiny square window – a foot or more thick – part of the soporific effect.

marni8 architecture

The casual building has that sense of myth only to be found on an island in the Mediterrranean.

marni12 architecture

Altogether the perfect place to just fall asleep in the sun…

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