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A Tree-Hugging Concrete Vacation House

franz house11 architecture

Franz House is a vacation house from BAK Architects for a couple and their grown children in Mar Azul, Argentina.

franz house9 architecture

Entirely concrete, an interior repeat of the exterior concrete stairs leads up the sleeping floor.

franz house1 architecture

Set on a steep slope, the house centers around a double height foyer shared with four tall trees.

franz house6 architecture

The attempt to minimaly disturb the tree-filled site led to a tall cube design, spliced into the slope.

franz house2 architecture

The trees literally pierce the concrete roof in the second story.

franz house5 architecture

The pierced idea is repeated in the way the concrete bench outside pierces the glass to become a bedside table indoors.

franz house10 architecture

The heaviness of an entirely concrete house is opposed by surprisingly suspending the wall over the open space of glass.

Concrete forms a shelf above the bed.

franz house3 architecture

On the outside of the house, this concrete internal shelf juts out to form a rain roof over the window.

A clerestory window is above a small concrete porch roof.

franz house12 architecture

Similarly, bathroom shelving is formed of the same concrete.

franz house8 architecture

Concrete is continued to form every kitchen bench and shelf too.

franz house7 architecture

A concrete shelf extends the length of the living room, surrounding the wood stove and providing thermal mass to magnify the heat supply.

franz house4 architecture

Even the dining table is formed of concrete.

Although concrete is an energy intensive building material, it can last a very long time (using an early form of concrete, the Roman viaducts are still with us).

So if all of the built-in furniture like this is also formed from concrete, then generations can eat from this table in this house, without buying and discarding hundreds of wooden tables over that time.

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