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A white Cube Suspended Over a Green Lawn

suspend7 architecture

A white stucco house is suspended above the green lawn of a formal garden, which is circumnavigated by a white stucco wall – a box within a box.

suspend8 architecture

The suspended box has holes in it,  house, open spaces framed in white create a verandah of open garden rooms ‘circling’ (squaring?) the box.

suspend1 architecture

The verandah’s low perimeter wall creates seating outdoors in the suspended garden room.

suspend10 architecture

This surrounding verandah hangs above a “shadow” of pebbles, making it clear that it is suspended above ground level.

suspend5 architecture

Interestingly, the kitchen is simply a workbench arrangement, that barely interupts the central large living space inside.

suspend12 architecture

Designed by Paz Gersh Architects in Israel, G House is a simple large cube, with the bedrooms on a mezzanine.

suspend2 architecture

As you approach the edge of the house, the light increases in layers, culminating in the roofless verandah.

suspend architecture

Floor-to-ceiling glass walls pull all the way back, connecting these exterior and interior spaces.

suspend3 architecture

These sliding glass walls can be arranged for more shelter, creating a variety of open and closed spaces.

suspend9 architecture

Timber tumbles out of the house connecting the front door to the garden with an inviting rich wooden staircase.

suspend11 architecture

A warm welcome comes from the wooden front door that extends from the wooden stair.

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