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A Yucatan House for an Art Collecting Family

yucatan architecture

Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld created this elegant house in the leafy neighborhood of Jardim America, in São Paulo.

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He was engaged by a young couple who are collectors of art, who wanted a spacious, bright and informal atmosphere where they could raise three energetic children and enjoy their art collection too.

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The result is a cheerful family home in the Yucatan jungle.

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Weinfeld has created a non-fussy house that allows both parents and children to enjoy their lives.

The eclectic art pieces encompasses childish fun.

51 architecture

In this gallery, a simple large approximately step-shaped rock also serves as an imaginative stair.

23 architecture

Polished concrete floors are both chic enough for the art gallery presentation and durable enough for kids on bikes or roller skates.

31 architecture

Exuberant and original, the childrens’ sink brings the idea of a sink back to its simplest form and makes it in wood, with a steel liner.

Just a waterproof surface, and an indented shape to hold water, what could be simpler!

11 architecture

It is a simple, practical and house full of casually ingenious unpretentious solutions to the needs of the parents and the children.

61 architecture

Like the rest of the exterior, this interesting trellis is created from concrete, and thus is resistant to rot in the humid climate.

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  1. buddhist Says:

    Looks like the house of my dreams. Spacious, natural, and warm..

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