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Alberto Campo Baeza’s Glass Box of Air

oficinas7 architecture

Only one architect would think to build with air, every architect’s dream.

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Within a stone “box” that is open to the skies of Spain over Zamora, is a confection of glass by the inimitable magician of space and light, Alberto Campo Baeza.

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Set on the site of a former convent, next to the cathedral in Zamora, is a glass box within a secret garden of stone.

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The high wall of stone around the perimeter, and lining the floor of the “box” is the same pinkish stone as was used to build the old Zamora cathedral itself.

oficinas6 architecture

The pink stone walls follow the site boundary to enclose the space, yet simultaneously open it up to the sky.

oficinas5 architecture

The stone box is made ​​from the past – memory.

Within it, the glass box, is made ​​with the future – imagination.

oficinas3 architecture

The glass seems to fuse with heaven, as if the building is concocted of air.

oficinas11 architecture

The unearthly quality of the structure is created by using two layers of glass.

oficinas8 architecture

Of these two glass layers, the outer skin is made of a single piece.

oficinas10 architecture

The glass is connected with only structural silicone, without much else.

oficinas12 architecture

Built for the Castilla León Junta, on Calle Obispo Manso in Zamora…

oficinas4 architecture

…this has to be the most ethereal building in the world.

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  1. Paul Says:

    Damn it all, I'd hate to be inside if a freaking earthquake hit.

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