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An Architect-Remodeled Stone Barn on Formentera

mcm1 architecture
Spain’s Marià Castelló Martínez designed this contemporary update that reuses an ancient stone dwelling located on the Spanish island of Formentera.

mcm2 architecture

The Can Manuel d’en Corda project involved extending and making additions to a traditional building of handcrafted stonework in Vénda des Cap de Barbaria, in the west of the island.

mcm3 architecture

The original building was a simple framed barn shape, but the trusses had rotted.

mcm15 architecture

Keeping the old stone walls, the trusses were replaced, strengthening the building.

mcm141 architecture

The hard square edges of the new addition provide an uncompromising foil to the soft stone of the original building.

mcm4 architecture

The new exteriors are painted white, which is an ancient cooling technique used in the region.

mcm7 architecture

Efficient and crisp new wooden framed windows were inserted deliberately and carefully into the old spaces.

mcm5 architecture

In the modern additions, concrete is used throughout, but painted white. Only the ceilings retain the natural look of the concrete.

mcm10 architecture

The floors are highly polished and refined – a sharp contrast with the rough industrial texture of the concrete ceiling.

mcm8 architecture

In the bathrooms, this rough grey concrete provides the perfect foil for the warm tones of the wood, and the highly polished pure line of the bathroom fixture.

mcm9 e1344477023986 architecture

This contemporary bathroom, with the clean lines of its polished concrete poured-in-place sink, offers a glimpse through to the view of sky beyond the bath area.

mcm11 architecture

Inspired by the original rafters that had framed an open roof that had long rotted away, much more structurally sound steel beams have been painted white for a clean contrast to the eternal blue skies of the island.

mcm12 architecture
These steel rafters are practically indestructible.

mcm6 architecture

A stair makes an access to the wide expansive view offered from the roof, as well as a cool place to sleep on hot summer nights, an age-old tradition.

It’s an uncompromising renovation, but one in which the old ways have been honored.

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  1. Says:

    Very good arcitectural design

  2. Jamie Herzlinger Says:

    That house is stunning! The photography is great too! thanks for sharing!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  3. anishka Says:

    these is very beautiful picture, i like interior designing and these picture help me.

  4. Cozydays Says:

    This home is what I truly call an architectural masterpiece. Love the architectural elements used and the materials used.

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