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An Ark for a Large Clan Set in the Mountains of Brazil

Itaipava1 architecture

This gorgeous houseboat in a rural region of Itaipava from Cadas Arquitetura, appears to lightly skim the water.

7 architecture

The houseboat is actually a house, set slightly above the land, in an isolated mountainous region of Brazil.

Itaipava3 architecture

Cooled by a natural pond, the house exudes the most peaceful and contemplative relaxation imaginable.

6 architecture

Giving the verandah a tea pavilion effect, a raised timbered ceiling appears to float casually above the roof of the rooms within.

21 architecture

Natural ponds are abundant in this high mountain rain-forested region, popular for vacation homes.

3 architecture

You are not only surrounded by water, when you walk in, you can step right into water inside as well.

8 architecture

This exercise pool is included as part of the living room, set within the warmth of the rich wooden floor, snuggled up to a fire at night.

4 architecture

By day, this opens out like a conservatory, offering glassed-in views to the outdoor ponds.

22 architecture
This is a house that makes a memorable haven for large family gatherings of the clan.

5 architecture

Upstairs, rough hewn beams form a counterpoint between the undulating textures of natural wood and the machined planks of the wooded flooring and the lattice of basketry forming the ceiling under a skylight.

1 architecture
Like a paleolithic long house, the solid security of the long narrow interior creates a clan retreat that provides both contemplative spaces and a real community center.

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