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An Exuberant Home for Entertaining

casa grecia10 architecture

An extroverted and energetic client wanted “a house where he could enjoy the company of his kids and many friends intensely.”

casa grecia6 architecture

To meet the brief for the Grecia House, Isay Weinfeld created a wide-open home with five patios.

casa grecia4 architecture

These create a series of ample and various entertaining areas for his extroverted client.

casa grecia20 architecture

The house is set high in the hills of suburban Sao Paulo.

casa grecia19 architecture

From the main entrance, one approaches the house – set at the back of the land – by foot, up and through a wooded area, and across a wide garden. The house comes then fully to sight.

casa grecia21 architecture

A sports enthusiast, the energetic client wanted the house to feature a large gym room and a long swimming lane as well.

Casa Grecia 1 architecture

The long lap pool part of the lavish entertaining area, is also an aesthetic feature of the house.

casa grecia14 architecture

The patios are positioned to make the most of the natural light while keeping the temperature cool.

casagrecia17 architecture

The broad park like setting of very old trees is reflected in the generous proportions of the large entertainment pavilions.

casa grecia12 architecture

To keep the huge trees, the decision was made to build small patios and gardens around them, bringing natural light and ventilation inside the house.

casa grecia3 architecture

So trees on the site are generously included into the patio design, rather than being torn down in construction.

casa grecia5 architecture

Lush greenery was left in place to help keep the temperature cool and to offer pleasant green views from inside.

casa grecia16 architecture

In some places the actual interior is glassed off around an existing tree on the site, allowing it to continue growing through.

casa grecia11 architecture

The apparently huge park-like setting is actually in a residential area of suburban Sao Paulo.

casa grecia8 architecture

A bold orange door on a São Paulo street corner marks the gigantic plot in a residential neighbourhood in Brazil.

casa grecia9 architecture

Guests would enter past a gallery-like space where the owner displays his antique car collection.

casa grecia18 architecture

The entrance to the interior of the house is through the atrium.

casa grecia13 architecture

This is accessed through the garage.

Casa Grecia2 architecture

A cool plant-filled indoor garden under multiple skylights leads to the main floor living rooms, kitchen, bedrooms and entertaining areas.

casa grecia15 architecture

Isay Weinfeld has created a  generous and exuberant house that truly reflects the unique and extroverted personality of its owner.

casa grecia7 architecture

And for an entertainer, the party directions are easy. “It’s the orange door on the corner – you can’t miss it!”

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