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An Intriguing House in Peru

casa viva1 architecture

OK. From the outside, this house in Peru is a little blunt.

But a curious sail appears poised above it.

casa viva15 architecture

The sail creates a shaded roof deck that is open all around.

casa viva7 architecture

In the distance, strangely similar mysterious boxy white houses form the neighbourhood, with similar protection from the intense afternoon sun.

casa viva11 architecture

Designed by Gómez de la Torre & Guerrero Arquitectos, the center of the house is open to the sky.

casa viva10 architecture

The stairs lead up to a rooftop pool, and down to a central courtyard, revealing a Spanish ancestry to the house in Canete, Peru.

casa viva9 architecture

An interesting glass walkway is supported on struts, and keeps rain off the entrance to the rooms below leading off the courtyard.

casa viva5 architecture

Glass also encases the stairway to the roof.

Overhead, a retractable roof brings in sun and air in good weather.

casa viva2 architecture

Shades of M.C. Escher, its central staircases are intriguing.

casa viva4 architecture

Appearing to be completely and totally open to passersby, this is a house that seems to take cross ventilation to new levels.

casa viva8 architecture

At night, lit by eerily cool fluorescent lighting, it appears to float above the ground. The concrete deck continues inside.

casa viva13 architecture

While the cool and monochromatic house appears to be fully open, it is a clever illusion.

casa viva14 architecture

Full length sliding glass walls separate the indoors from the outdoor area shown above with the three bar stools.

casa viva3 architecture

A clerestory window becomes a full height glass wall behind the concrete fireplace to make a finite edge to this side of the house.

casa viva6 architecture

The entire ground floor appears to be open to the neighbours, but it can be enclosed and private.

casa viva12 architecture

The house is set among other outwardly similar houses in the neighbourhood.

Do they have similarly extraordinary interiors behind their bland exteriors?

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