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Another Sultry Tropical Museum Piece from Singapore’s Guz Architects

sunhouse2 architecture

Guz Architects is one of our favourite architectural firms.

sunhouse14 architecture

Their radical originality is tenderly wrapped within a vernacular architectural style that is extremely relaxed.

sunhouse13 architecture

Somnolent, even.

sunhouse7 architecture

Theirs is a civilized, bookish kind of colonial architecture that seems quintessentially Singaporean.

sunhouse10 architecture

The originality and delight of this office space that appears to float in a street of water.

Yet it seems as if it is part of an ancient tradition.

sunhouse5 architecture

So it is a humble style, despite its originality.

sunhouse9 architecture

What is exhilarating about this house from Guz Architects, is the revolutionary, huge change in the usual indoors/outdoors dichotomy.

sunhouse11 architecture

The sophistication of indoors furnishings in an essentially open air space.

sunhouse3 architecture

Giant wooden pillars form a colonnade upstairs.

sunhouse4 architecture

Their work is instantly recognisable.

sunhouse6 architecture

The use of water and green roofs and a courtyard is familiar. In some ways it is reminiscent of another of their gorgeous tropical houses we’ve covered…

sunhouse8 architecture

I love the glass edged pool. (What kind of strength is needed for glass to hold that much water!?)

sunhouse15 architecture

Despite the glass edge, the overall impression is not a high tech feel.

sunhouse12 architecture

Others of theirs we’ve covered include: Fish House Imagines Waves and Cluny House From Guz Architects and Lush Singapore Lawns Green the Meera House

sunhouse1 architecture
…but you can’t have too much of heaven.

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  1. Pegasus Lighting Says:

    I'm so envious of all the natural light in this space! It really plays well with the architecture too. When can I move in? :)

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