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Another Tropical Mountain Home in Itaipava from Cadas Arquitetura

Cadas1 architecture

We have previously covered the very easygoing work of Brazilian firm Cadas Arquitetura, in their watery ark for family get togethers up in the mountainous region of Itaipava.

cadas5 architecture

In the same mountainous region, water anchors this house too, for a young couple from Rio de Janeiro.

cadas11 architecture

This is a really surprising and pleasing space.

cadas10 architecture

While the house does not have a full second story, the part that is on the second floor makes the most of its views.

cadas2 architecture

The family activities are easily included as part of the livable and unassuming architecture typical of the firm.

cadas4 architecture

Cooled by thick green roofs, and fringed with dark wooded balconies, the house needs no air conditioning, even on the hottest days.

cadas6 architecture

The walls supporting the green roof are soon also to become green walls.

cadas9 architecture

A gracious guest bedroom provides a mirror image of the master bedroom.

cadas7 architecture

Lots of wooden paneling connect the interior to the vast wooded vistas surrounding the house, while staying cool.

cadas8 architecture

A wooden screen even softens the blow of an elevator at the center of the house.

cadas3 architecture

This is a house that is surrounded by mountains, rivers and vegetation, and the buzzing of cicadas fills the tropical air

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