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Artist’s Space in a Lovely Building in Milan

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A collaboration between a Japanese artist and the Italian design studio Modourbano has produced a sumptuous cultural blend in this renovation of an artists studio in the Sant’Ambrogio neighborhood of Milan.

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The Italian firm and the artist Takane Ezoe worked together in creating the T House project, a sensitive restoration and adaptation of a landmark building.

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Sited close to Sant’Ambrogio Basilica, they wanted to retain the traditions of the building’s beautiful proportions and grace.

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The artist wanted no separation between public and private spaces, between work and cooking for friends – open spaces, without boundaries between public and private – where he could work until late at night.

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At the same time, the artist wanted the space to be simple and neutral to maximize flexibility to freely configure the furniture within it without the oppression of too many objects.

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So the studio was designed to be large, bright, comfortable, with the ability to hold meetings with employees and where the artist could move easily between works of great size, but at the same time simple and neutral where you can work without external interference.

Near the study is a large archive storage where the client could store his work in a practical way.

7 architecture

An Italian sensibility prevails in the gregarious open space dominated by the kitchen where you can prepare meals for guests.

6 architecture

Only in the one private place in the studio, the sleeping loft, does a subtly Japanese design aesthetic enter in.

The glow of light from below suffuses a restful space soaring above the center of the great room.

9 architecture

Up here too, a traditional Japanese soaking tub is set in a zen-like bathing space.

But even here, the generous rounded proportions of the huge arched windows reminds you that this is all set within the sophisticated elegance of an eighteenth century loft in Milan.

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