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Atrium House in Mexico City

CANADA House1 architecture

This soaring space is the very intriguing entrance to the CAÑADA HOUSE from GrupoMM (Carlos Magaña and Mauricio Magaña) in Mexico City.

CANADA House2 architecture

Set in a rolling landscape of lush lawns and tropical foliage, the beautifully proportioned volumes speak to the viewer from every angle.

CANADA House3 architecture

This gorgeous building seems more like a commercial than a residential design – perhaps an art gallery set in a sculpture garden?

CANADA House4 architecture

Pillowed on soft mounds of green grass, an outdoor room is carved out under a solid block of cantilevered stone.

CANADA House5 architecture

This indoor/outdoor living room is downhill on a lower lawn than the entrance.

CANADA House18 architecture

This lower level gives it an intimacy, as you look up towards the huge entry.

CANADA House16 architecture

Looking out towards that outdoor room – it seems like an extension of the huge indoor space.

CANADA House7 architecture

The landscape is as gorgeous as the architecture.

CANADA House20 architecture

Strategically placed apertures frame the mannered landscape without.

CANADA House12 architecture

The vast white kitchen responds to the lush landscaping of the tropical gardens.

CANADA House21 architecture

A central atrium creates a stunning, soaring space, with a three-story-tall slice of glass piercing the fortress walls.

CANADA House13 architecture

The square set of punched-out skylights brings daylight down three floors.

CANADA House15 architecture

The skylights light a glassed-off soft plaster and marble stairwell.

CANADA House10 architecture

From the middle floor, the three-story glass slice becomes the feature.

CANADA House9 architecture

The stairs are a slightly warmer shade of marble.

CANADA House8 architecture

This darker travertine marble on the staircase bounces a warm peach glow off the soft plaster walls.

CANADA House11 architecture

On the ground floor, beautiful rammed earth/concrete walls repeat in the hall.

CANADA House19 architecture

Rich teak cabinetry also brings color to the family office.

CANADA House14 architecture

Punched square holes in the ceiling echo the extraordinary series of skylights that informed the atrium.

CANADA House6 architecture

Altogether, it is a majestic and very interesting piece of architecture.

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