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Australia Meets Asia in the Bowen Mountain House

BowenHouse1 architecture

Designed by CplusC Architecture the Bowen Mountain House began as a simple pavilion-style weekend house.

BowenHouse2 architecture

In its New South Wales setting of towering gum trees, it has a casual Australian air, with its traditional soft grey metal roofing reflecting the vast open skies around.

BowenHouse3 architecture

The regular intervals of modular metal framing is humanized by the addition of new and recycled Australian hardwoods.

BowenHouse8 architecture

Earthy slate tiles make an all weather indoor/outdoor transition.

BowenHouse11 architecture

A practical and workable spartan kitchen is in keeping with the whole.

BowenHouse9 architecture

For a climate of sudden squalls and year-round humidity, the woven inorganic curtain is a novel solution.

BowenHouse10 architecture

A could-have-seemed ’70s-era sunken living room is cut boldly and confidently from the super-modern slate floor, as far from the shag rug as you could imagine.

BowenHouse6 architecture

A glass louvre window is a mainstay of old time Australian style. Here it is updated using repetition into a modern architectural statement.

BowenHouse12 architecture

Another cliche of Australian design, the retro textured glass wall is handled elegantly.

BowenHouse5 architecture

Yet, despite these nods to the traditions of Australian architecture, the weekend retreat has a subtle Asian influence.

BowenHouse7 architecture

An utterly peaceful forest pool, with a pool house and sauna is included under the shade of the gum trees.

BowenHouse4 architecture

The landscaping suggests the pagoda gardens of Japan.

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