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Barrel Studio in Boetia, Greece

bv1 architecture

An art studio is fashioned from a barrel vault in Boetia by Greek architectural firm A31 Architecture.

bv2 architecture

The bold and simple shape makes possible a straightforward mezzanine loft layout for an open space workshop and gallery.

bv5 architecture

The design couldn’t be simpler. A glass front intersected by metal frame: a curved concrete exterior.

bv4 architecture

A rusted iron door contrasts with the formed concrete and relates to the sculptor’s own works constructed of rusted metal.

bv3 architecture

A sculptural element in their own right, integral stairs were also formed onsite.

These make an honest connection to the formed-concrete wall.

bv6 architecture

The new art studio is a reinforced concrete shell, constructed in three separate phases.

bv9 architecture

The dome, a form that goes back to antiquity, is formed separately and placed on top of the reinforced concrete walls.

bv8 architecture

The new workshop of painter and sculptor Alexandros Liapis is set between Olive, Oleander and Cypress trees, a short stroll from the artist’s dwelling in Dilesi, Boeotia.

bv7 architecture

The architectural space created is one of sweet delight.

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