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Bookcase Stairwell is Central to a London Retrofit

bookstair3 architecture

A staircase that is a home for books was made in a renovation of a north London home by Hackney studio Platform 5.

bookstair2 architecture

The clients needed to house an extensive book collection.

bookstair4 architecture

So at the heart of the house, the main feature is a double height library built around a staircase.

bookstair1 architecture

The upward movement of the stepped bookcases echo the steps in the stairs.

bookstair5 architecture

At the top of the stairwell, a cosy study desk  is tucked into the landing space.

bookstair7 architecture

The small desk juts out over the stairwell, making use of the waste space.

bookstair8 architecture

The retrofit introduced contemporary interventions to add modern living spaces as well, a dining room.

bookstair9 architecture

More bookcases are squeezed in elsewhere too.

bookstair10 architecture

A large glass door and a huge L-shaped window bring in lots of light to the dark mews space.

bookstair15 architecture

An exposed concrete islands counter with a rustic hand-formed finish continues the muted tones and textures of the exposed brickwork and oak.

bookstair11 architecture

The forthrightly modern kitchen now extends to a sitting area overlooking the garden.

bookstair6 architecture

The result opens the house to the garden, framed in the ubiquitous London stock brick of the region.

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