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Can a Border Checkpoint be Beautiful?

Border Checkpoint4 architecture

This cascading concrete checkpoint is as expressive as a sculpture.

Border Checkpoint1 architecture

The idea it expresses is its own function: to first form a barrier or fence, and then to grudgingly allow some to crawl through.

Border Checkpoint3 architecture

The Project Ninotsminda Custom Terminal, a bureaucratic structure, is like an abstract expressionist sculpture set down in the middle of the countryside.

Border Checkpoint2 architecture

The checkpoint appears to part not sideways like a door, but from under, as if a mouse is scurrying out from under a sofa.

I think that’s what imparts that ominous feeling of bureaucratic control.

Border Checkpoint5 architecture

The surprising border crossing comes from architect Luka Machablishvili and divides Georgia and Armenia in the former soviet bloc.

Border Checkpoint10 architecture

The rotation around the axis on the façade is clearer in this night rendering.

Border Checkpoint6 architecture

It will be over 100 metres wide, and will divide traffic from both directions into a total of eight lanes.

Border Checkpoint11 architecture

Stained glass panels fill the spaces between the concrete slabs.

Border Checkpoint9 architecture

What appears to be a full width of lanes is deceptive. Actually, there are two floors of staff facilities on each end of the building.

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