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Can Toddlers Enjoy Starkly Modern Architecture?

Franz Architekten1 architecture

A house by the Viennese studio Franz Architekten is sophisticated and brutally simple.

Franz Architekten5 architecture

A broad and periodically glassed-in corridor through the center links three buildings.

Franz Architekten6 architecture

This glassed-in passageway extrudes past the end creates this memorable and sunny space.

Franz Architekten8 architecture

The floor plan has great beauty and clarity.

After parking the car, or entering from the street, you’d walk along the glass passageway past the workshop to the kitchen, living and dining areas, to the bedrooms of the last space.

Franz Architekten7 architecture

This is an extremely clear design.

Open and closed sequences along the walkway allow a series of walking views into the half-open courtyards and each container.

Franz Architekten4 architecture

And the house would feel tremendously comforting.

Not only is it wrapped around the joy of swimming, but all the rooms have underfloor heating, using a geothermical heating collector and two heat pumps.

Franz Architekten3 architecture

As a toddler, some of my own warmest memories were of houses – but these were colonial gable-roofed wooden houses – more like a child’s typical drawing of “home.”

Franz Architekten2 architecture

For babies and toddlers like these, is the joy of design restricted to the traditional house shapes?

Franz Architekten9 architecture

Or will they have equally warm memories of clearly planned modern architecture, as stark as this?

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  1. Total Comfort Mechanical Says:

    This design is indeed sophisticated and brutally simple..Very charming environment

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