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Cantilevered Seaside House on the Australian Coast

Holman House1 architecture

Here’s a house that practically sings of the pure blue joy of the endless ocean horizon.

Holman House5 architecture

Created by Sydney architects Durbach Block Jaggers, the house clutches 70 meter cliffs overlooking Australia’s lonely Pacific.

Holman House6 architecture

Its concave curves end in glassed-in cubes cantilevered out over the sea.

Holman House3 architecture

I love the audacity of these two rectangles of empty sky framed by the white walls comprising its cantilevered kitchen and living room.

Holman House7 architecture

The kitchen follows the gentle curve of the exterior.

Holman House4 architecture

Its concave shape appears to embrace the vast horizon.

Holman House12 architecture

Only a few cliffside branches interrupt the expanse of glass and the expansive void of the sea.

Holman House11 architecture

Fresh, glowing, semi-opaque turquoise glass in the bathroom continue the relentless assault of the vastness of the surrounding ocean.

Holman House9 architecture

By contrast, the living room offers the dry textures and the warm golden glow of a sandy beach by the sea.

Holman House8 architecture

The dining room chairs seem like honed golden shells on a rocky cliff on the beach.

Holman House10 architecture

Similarly, in an open terrace ground floor “cave” the warmth of sand and stone predominate.

Holman House13 architecture

Stairs lead down from this “cave” opening to a small pool nestling into the side of the cliff.

Holman House14 architecture

The house is partly dug into the cliff, and partly supported on poles that angle outwards holding up the cantilevered kitchen and living room.

Holman House2 architecture

The various curved forms of the house, and the support of the four angled stilts were inspired by Picasso’s The Bather.

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