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Charmingly Rustic Oceanfront Home Includes Pleasant Surprise

Coogee1 architecture

Coogee House draws on the traditions of Cape Dutch fishing village houses, with the soft earthy forms typical of the west coast of Southern Africa.

coogee8 architecture

With an earth-bound and homespun style, modest living spaces partake of the vast ocean view of the Pacific.

coogee24 architecture

The staggering views are framed under the rough-hewn timbers of a rustic traditional trellis in the Dutch colonial traditions.

coogee10 architecture

A modest lap pool at the side of the house augments the vast ocean.

coogee18 architecture

The house faces out towards the vast lonely Pacific, a long way from South Africa.

coogee111 architecture

Meeting the client’s brief meant the house had to stand up to the harsh coastal climate of Australia, while having a rustic, soft, organic feel.

Coogee2 architecture

The internal entry court shows the rough primitive detailing up close.

coogee20 architecture

Throughout the house, log trellises as well as walls of rough render whitewash, are used both inside and out.

coogee19 architecture

Gabion walls step up the hill connecting the house of little bungalows.

coogee7 architecture

The large central entry space seamlessly dissolves into the exterior and interior spaces.

coogee17 architecture

Light pours down the large internal entry court.

coogee21 architecture

The fresh, artlessly simple and private family rooms are below.

coogee4 architecture

Some of the secluded family rooms are stepped down from the open space.

coogee architecture

An unaffected country kitchen in the Dutch traditions from old Holland is warm and efficient.

coogee22 architecture

An example of the artless simplicity is all the way to detail: toilet paper is stored with a minimum of fuss.

coogee25 architecture

But this charmingly rustic house reminiscing on the Dutch traditions on a far African coast – immensely appealing as it is – is not just some sweet simpleton.

coogee5 architecture

While ‘drawing from the best of tribal rough hewn and bushland living environments’ Architect Dennis Rabinowitz has also created a super sustainable home, that includes:

  • Harvested rainwater
  • Photovoltaic solar collectors
  • Gas fired hot water system
  • Orientation to the North and East (North in the Southern hemisphere is like a South-facing home in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Adjustable external shading devices
  • Low-E glazing in timber frames
  • Insulated external cavity walls
  • Abundant thermal mass
  • Adjustable louvre cross ventilation

coogee23 architecture

Absolutely one of my favourite houses.

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