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Clever Cooling in Queen Astrid Park House in Singapore

queen astrid2 architecture

The child growing up in this great hall of a house in a gorgeous climate has it good.

queen astrid7 architecture

Like Ong & Ong and Guz architects before them, the architectural firm Aamer Architect embraces open air design and a sleek and sophisticated glamour.

queen astrid3 architecture

Two key facts about Singapore account for its extraordinary architectural gems.

One. It’s only 85 miles from the equator.

queen astrid8 architecture

And two. Wealth. With the world’s fourth-leading financial center globally, its five million residents have the third highest per capita income in the world.

queen astrid1 architecture

Singapore’s financial wellbeing makes this kind of soaring architecture possible – and it’s proximity to the equator ensures open air design.

queen astrid9 architecture

Only the bedroom, with its embroidered silk screen, is redolent of the more stuffy older houses of colonial era Singapore.

queen astrid6 architecture

Like many houses in Singapore, a flat stretch of water outside acts to cool the few breezes passing through.

queen astrid5 architecture

The barely-walled house appears to float like a lotus blossom on the water.

You are looking at a very unique natural cooling idea, executed with contemporary panache, that’s reminiscent of the Guz House that places an entire cooled room inside the pool.

queen astrid4 architecture

The architect sinks a seating area right into the pool, placing the surface of the pool almost at eye level.

This not only creates the psychological effect of being immersed in its refreshing waters even when just relaxing nearby, but also, the concrete absorbs the cold from the water and chills that seating area.

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