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Concise Plan for a Sun-Hugging Home on the California Coast

cormac residence1 architecture

Laidlaw Schultz Architects have created a unique home that shines a light on the good life in Southern California.

cormac residence5 architecture

The lot is divided cleanly in two with a long white wall separating off the private sleeping and bathing and cooking area.

cormac residence10 architecture

The kitchen is at the far end of that long white wall.

Seen at night from this angle, you can’t see the long glazed curtain wall of glass that looks out towards the pool.

cormac residence3 architecture

The clients, who had a sophisticated appreciation for international modern architectural style, wanted a unique home for their young family.

cormac residence2 architecture

The entrance opens directly off the street to the startling view alongside the pool.

cormac residence4 architecture

The home’s quiet street setting in suburban Corona del Mar gives no hint of the stunning coastal views from the other side of the entrance wall.

cormac residence6 architecture

The master bedroom is the model of serenity and peace with its expansive views over the land.

cormac residence7 architectureRather than mar the peace, the television is popped up out of the floor only when needed.

cormac residence8 architecture

A sleek and minimal bathroom continues the Southern California cool.

cormac residence9 architecture

For entertaining at night, an understated Hollywood glamour is bequeathed to the starkly simply shapes.

cormac residence11 architecture

Viewed from the kitchen, across the living room/dining room, the outdoor room around the pool appears like an extension of indoors.

cormac residence12 architecture

An utterly chic pavilion-style house that is sophisticated enough for the grownups, but with all the joie de vivre of a California childhood.

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