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Dark Victorian Attic Workshop Transformed

Peary3 architecture

An unusual conversion of a what was the narrow Victorian factory attic space of a workshop in London, puts the living space on the top floor, and creates the illusion of horizontal space with a 27 foot long counter that extends the full length of the top floor.

Peary6 architecture

On arriving home laden with groceries, a short climb leads up into the bright white attic space that is now an abundantly daylit kitchen, dining and living room.

Peary4 architecture

Most of the light was on the top floor, with windows on three sides of its tiny space.

Threefold Architects chose to keep the dark wooden Victorian workshop floor, but contrast it with lashings of white paint.

Peary2 architecture

Unusually, this results in a sleeping space right across from the front door, but, cleverly, there is little clue.

The double height entrance draws the eye upwards.

Peary5 architecture

Relegating the least-lit space to the bedroom is a workable solution, since we sleep at night when it’s dark anyway.

Peary12 architecture

The super-long kitchen counter cantilevers out next to the stairs, over the waste space above the entrance to the bedroom and bathroom below.

Peary1 architecture

The ground floor of the tiny sliver of space is wedged between existing buildings.

Behind a wall of storage at the end of the bedroom, the sink is the only visible part of the bathroom beyond the bedroom.

Peary8 architecture

The whole structure is entered from the street by a narrow passage through a courtyard.

The Studio in Bethnal Green is an imaginative transformation of a cramped and gloomy little space.

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