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Eco Vacation House of Bamboo in Costa Rica

Casa Atrevida14 architecture

Casa Atrevida by Luz de Piedra Arquitectos is located in the lush forest of Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula.

Casa Atrevida1 architecture

It is an extraordinary building, with its load-bearing structure entirely depending on bamboo.

Casa Atrevida3 architecture

Used in supporting construction, bamboo is an earthquake-resistant structural material.

Casa Atrevida5 architecture

And it looks gorgeous.

Casa Atrevida10 architecture

But bamboo is even more important, in Costa Rica’s ecologically-minded environment.

Casa Atrevida15 architecture

With its fast growth cycle, it has a tiny ecological footprint.

Casa Atrevida6 architecture

So it is replenished fast in this jungle region with its high humidity and plentiful rainfall.

Casa Atrevida8 architecture

Casa Atrevida is a luxurious, environmentally friendly vacation house.

Casa Atrevida11 architecture

The rooms are sensitively poised between the rustic and the contemporary.

Casa Atrevida2 architecture

A roof garden used to cool down the interior in summers can be glimpsed here.

Casa Atrevida12 architecture

The site includes a year round carekeepers studio.

Casa Atrevida7 architecture

With five bedrooms and bathrooms able to accommodate ten guests, the simple bamboo structure offers a vacation idyll.

Casa Atrevida9 architecture

But it won’t come cheap.

Casa Atrevida4 architecture

The idyllic vacation retreat is booked year round from $2,100 to $3,500 per week, depending on the season.

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