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Epic and Mythical Design on Mykonos

mykonos6 architecture

Overlooking the beach of Ayios Yiannis, on the Greek island of Mykonos, the Mykonos Grand Hotel has a secret side.

Mykonos Grand Hotel 1 e1350599622603 architecture

From outside there is little hint of the epic quality inside the luxury resort.

mykonos7 architecture

It has the simple traditional Cycladic design Greece is famous for.

Mykonos12 architecture

But the Mykonos Grand Hotel captures the sweep of history…. secondhand.

mykonos3 architecture

This history is through 1950s Hollywood eyes.

mykonos8 architecture

The design is reminiscent of the corny romance of old Hollywood movies.

mykonos epic architecture

The kind with a cast of thousands, set in ancient Mediterranean civilizations.

mykonos4 architecture

The hotel recreates that sweeping kitschy historical epic.

Mykonos14 architecture

It’s a modern version, but the Hollywood hints are there.

mykonos9 architecture

You expect to see a 1950s starlet make her entrance decorated to the max.

mykonos1 architecture

Shouldn’t Cleopatra or Helen of Troy be played by a young Elizabeth Taylor or Deborah Kerr be lounging here?

mykonos2 architecture

The hotel captures views that are near to heaven.

mykonos5 architecture

Even though it is a modern luxury resort, there’s this suggestion of myth, drama and mystery.

Mykonos11 architecture

Perhaps it has nothing to do with Hollywood.

Mykonos is the birthplace of the god, Apollo.

Mykonos13 architecture

It’s up to you to create your glamourous epic myth here, near to the gods of old.

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