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Fran Silvestre Arquitectos Creates “a House on Air, Walking on Water”

house on the cliff2 architecture

An almost Renaissance-like sweetness pervades the sensibility of the minimalist architect Fran Silvestre Arquitectos.

house on the cliff6 architecture

Gorgeous pure space.

(Here’s another pleasingly minimal pure space from this architect.)

house on the cliff3 architecture

Beginning with “an abrupt plot of land overlooking the sea,” he decides “what is best is to do nothing, constructing a house on air, walking on water…”

house on the cliff7 architecture

To minimize the earthworks, the house soars over its rocky landscape.

house on the cliff4 architecture

Only the parking area behind the house and the swimming pool below are on two narrow stretches of flattened land.

house on the cliff10 architecture

The back of the house is rooted in bedrock.

house on the cliff13 architecture

From the garage, the house is entered at the high point where it meets the steep cliff.

house on the cliff15 architecture

Bathrooms are anchored into the cliff wall along the back of the house.

house on the cliff5 architecture

The front of the house calmly regards the vast ocean vista.

house on the cliff8 architecture

The swimming pool becomes a quiet cove on the cliff across from the mountain’s craggy peak.

house on the cliff9 architecture

A cliff top platform is sheltered and sunny.

All the reinforced concrete is covered with a white lime plaster.

house on the cliff12 architecture

White predominates inside as well.

house on the cliff1 architecture

The audacious engineering of the structure gives the house a nonchalant air.

house on the cliff18 architecture

Across from the gigantic mysteries of nature, the majestic space under the house is punctuated by the simplest hole in the wall letting in the sky.

house on the cliff14 architecture

Because the house is narrow, it makes a walking view available from the kitchen in back…

house on the cliff11 architecture

…which has to be the most minimal kitchen ever!

These cabinets open up to reveal the stove etc.

house on the cliff16 architecture

The square window at the far end of the great room is that single iconic window that is seen above the stairs to the pool.

house on the cliff17 architecture

What seemed to be a huge cube is just a facade.

A frame for the sky.

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  1. john Says:

    Sterile. More than Steve Job's Yacht; this could have been based upon that boat.

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