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House for a Collector of Chinese Antiques in Kuala Lumpur

le mon3 architecture

Here’s an intriguing renovation of a mid terrace house for a collector of Chinese antiques in Kuala Lumpur by Fabian Tan.

le mon14 architecture

The front door is double height and red, like the entrance to a Chinese temple.

le mon8 architecture

Architectural details of the renovation are purposely kept to a minimum to provide a neutral backdrop for the owner’s extensive collection of Chinese antiques.

le mon4 architecture

To bring light in, the central roof was cut out to create a central light well in an open courtyard, suitable in Malaysia’s temperate climate.

le mon5 architecture

Within this open central courtyard, outdoor materials are used, like concrete and porous surface of pebbles.

So any rain damages nothing.

le mon6 architecture

At the front of the house a grill in the shape of a series of French doors provides security, without sacrificing elegance.

le mon1 architecture

Blending in with the grimy surroundings of the old city, concrete columns provide security at the back.

le mon2 architecture

The grilled French windows can be fully opened or closed securely for security.

le mon9 architecture

Above them, more grilled French windows overlook a small garden.

le mon15 architecture

Intriguingly, these french windows to the little roof garden are accessed by a walkway at desk height.

le mon10 architecture

These windows provide an exit to a small roof garden.

le mon141 architecture

The rooftop access provides some respite from dense city living.

le mon7 architecture

The central courtyard brings light and huge ‘borrowed’ space in to a skimpy bathroom.

le mon12 architecture

At the other end of the bathroom, windows on two sides also suggests more space, though one overlooks the waste space of the stairwell.

le mon13 architecture

You can see how clever this tiny bathroom is on the plan.

Altogether – it’s a successful renovation of a tiny terrace apartment that maximises size.

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