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House of 2 Verandahs on Lake Zurich

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Two gigantic square holes in concrete pour light into this interesting house on Lake Zurich from Gus Wüstemann.

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This is a refreshingly original space that seems to suggest that the clients, a young family from South Africa, were wide open to interesting possibilities.

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They did not want the typical solution of a house at the top of its section with just a garden below.

So the architect designed a double viewing platform, at the top and at the bottom of the garden, with the garden between.

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The broad stair platforms connecting the two creates its own ceremonial promenade into the view of the lake.

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The main house, at the top, is primarily concrete. It even has, amazingly, a sloped concrete roof.

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At the bottom of the garden, the second “verandah”, a pool house, is primarily wood.

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The concrete house at the top has a second pool off its verandah.

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We recently covered an even more original and interesting work on Lake Zurich by Wüstemann: A Serious Work of Art to Live in.

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This curious house has a sensibility that is ponderous and looming, but well secured.

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Serious plate glass and travertine almost suggests the vault of a bank.

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These are extremely weighty materials – concrete and stone – to form the interiors.

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Where wood is used, it is in great hunks, that have an equal density and weight as all the the concrete and stone.

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At the bottom of the garden, overlooking the more typical Swiss rooftops below, is the second verandah platform.

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Down here, a lap pool promotes the healthy body.

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But here, the weighty material seems to be air.

Even the voids in this architecture are big and bold and weighty.

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  1. V.R. Says:

    perfection, warmth of concrete

  2. Hans Says:

    So much would like to make a virtual tour using panoramas of this house…..

  3. Kari Lønning Says:

    Love the lines and empty spaces. Can't imagine how they'd furnish the house though.

  4. φωτιστικα Says:

    Allthough i love metal this house is really AMAZING. Thank you for this site.

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