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In Brazil, a House Like an Ocean Liner

Residencia PS1 architecture

Here’s a sunsoaked house from the Brazilian studio Pupogaspar Arquitetura.

Residencia PS2 architecture

Everything about it suggests a huge ocean liner.

Residencia PS7 architecture

But the house is in the city of Valinhos, São Paulo State, Brazil.

Residencia PS6 architecture

The short staggered wall is all that stands between this seemingly remote ocean liner and the street.

Residencia PS3 architecture

So the pool deck is close to this street below.

Residencia PS4 architecture

And these remote deck chairs are actually close to the street.

Residencia PS8 architecture

The distant ocean is brought close by this startlingly turquoise pool.

Residencia PS5 architecture

Being in this wonderful space would feel like being in a white stone pavilion looking out across to the green hillsides.

Residencia PS10 architecture

Inside, a vast old teak table balances the strong structural white pillars.

Residencia PS11 architecture

A gigantic pot suggests you are still outdoors in this glassed-in interior.

Residencia PS12 architecture

And a glossy kitchen continues the contemporary feel.

Residencia PS9 architecture

The plan totals 7,530 square feet between the two floors.

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