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In Mexico: a Contemporary Home Suggests Luxury Shopping

Casa Lomas5 architecture

The glossy perfection of this luxury home from Paola Calzada Arquitectos in Mexico City almost suggests retail shopping.

Casa Lomas4 architecture

The grandeur of the entrance, approached down these stairs, unveiling the formality of the dining room, approaches that of an upscale shopping mall.

Casa Lomas3 architecture

The highly polished perfection of a shiny black floor makes for a glossy setting for a formal dinner.

You can almost hear the nervous clickety clack of high heels on this floor.

Casa Lomas8 architecture

Even the landscaping is flawless.

Casa Lomas2 architecture

Transparent, double-height glass walls look out on a landscaped courtyard garden with a spectacular swimming pool.

Casa Lomas6 architecture

The glass can be made darker, to create a sophisticated mood.

Casa Lomas9 architecture

Fascinating shapes carve out vast spaces in the double height living room.

Casa Lomas10 architecture

But the comforts of home are settled into the huge storefront setting as if to impersonate family life in the window.

Casa Lomas12 architecture

Even the heart of a home; the kitchen, seems more like a luxury retailer of kitchen experiences, set in a mall.

Casa Lomas11 architecture

Overall, the impression is of a house designed more to impress and intimidate others than to live.

Casa Lomas1 architecture

Casa Lomas de Chapultepec seems less like a place to live, than a place to be displayed.

Casa Lomas7 architecture

Not so much a home, as an extension of consumerism.

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  2. Vivian Says:

    Esta bella esta casa

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