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In Zurich – a Serious Work of Art to Live in

sculpture1 architecture

There is something very Swiss about this gloriously clean-cut invention for living in – and on – that enhances the pristine lake view.

sculpture2 architecture

Swiss architect Gus Wüstemann makes a way to walk around in the sky overlooking the lake in Zurich.

sculpture4 architecture

Despite being executed with these no-nonsense techniques, the house is envisioned as art for living in.

sculpture5 architecture

Notice how the stairs insert three steps separately. These are movable blocks.

sculpture3 architecture

Crisp finishes throughout, like the combination of glass and travertine, create a serious finish for a non serious sensibility.

sculpture9 architecture

A very Swiss sense of the comfort of orderliness pervades the house.

sculpture6 architecture

On the living floor, the entire wall opens to Switzerland’s clean mountain air.

sculpture8 architecture

How you would give in to the stupefying horizontality of this view, sinking in to these low slung armchairs.

sculpture7 architecture

On the top floor, which is given over to the parents, even the master bedroom experiences the fresh air and the big blue skies with a wide open space.

sculpture10 architecture

The wide open bathroom would make you feel that you were brushing your teeth in the actual sky.

sculpture11 architecture

But the lush clean-cut bathroom sinks are executed as matter-of-fact-ly as if there is nothing unusual about such an arrangement.

sculpture12 architecture

Altogether – this is a professional structure for experiencing the good life: the clean air and the wide blue skies in Zurich.

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  1. Solid Wood Doors Says:

    The driveway and the living room nailed it. The interiors are in the modern setting yet the backdrop is nature, a great house to live in.

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    […] We recently covered an even more original and interesting work on Lake Zurich by Wüstemann: A Serious Work of Art to Live in. […]

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