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Interesting Circular House inside a Rectangle

circlehouse1 architecture

Circular hollows create a series of sunken rooms and curved balconies inside a rectangular shaped wooden house by UID Architects in Japan.

pithouse5 architecture

Contrasting boldly with the circular interior, the exterior is a rectangle. This saves the building from a mawkishly hobbit-like quality that circular houses otherwise tend to have.

pithouse10 architecture

The resulting circular interior spaces are welcoming and inviting, yet also crisp and unsentimental.

pithouse7 architecture

Six excavated spaces provide circular living rooms inside the building and terraces in the garden.

pithouse3 architecture

Interestingly, the curved structure is all executed in plywood, not a material that suggests curves.

circlehouse2 architecture

The house is for a young married couple with a child, and set in Okayama Prefecture near Seto Inland Sea.

pthouse4 architecture

The couple wanted a house that really connected with the earth, and part of this house is sunk into the ground, which creates a view out at ground level.

pithouse6 architecture

Light from the sunken circular part of the house illuminates the suspended rectangle exterior.

pithouse11 architecture

Surprising expanses of glass soar over the rectangular frame.

pit house architecture

The top mezzanine is a sleeping loft, and the circular kitchen is below.

pithouse8 architecture

So someone could stroll to the edge of the sleeping floor above and sit at the edge, hanging their legs over the side, overlooking the rest of the interior.

pithouse9 architecture

The sheer oddness of sitting above the kitchen sink is part of the eccentric charm of this youthful Japanese design.

pithouse12 architecture

A very long view through the entire house is seen from the sleeping area at the corner of the mezzanine.

pithouse13 architecture

The very interesting sense of being able to walk around and through this “forest canopy” of wood is enhanced by actual trees growing in the house.

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