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Lighthearted Luxury for a Villa in Majorca

Villa Marmacen4 architecture

A gorgeous sundrenched villa overlooks the ocean at Cala Marmacen in Puerto Andratx, Majorca.

Villa Marmacen3 architecture

A seemingly magical turquoise air wafts above its idyllic pool.

Villa Marmacen12 architecture

In fact the effect is created with turquoise-tinted glass that separates the pool and shields the villa from splashes.

Villa Marmacen9 architecture

The tinted glass also is laid up against the rafters over the pool.

Villa Marmacen7 architecture

This protects the wooden rafters above it from warping due to moisture.

Villa Marmacen10 architecture

Villa Marmacen was originally designed in 1996 by the Spanish architect Alberto Rubio.

Villa Marmacen8 architecture

Like many mediterranean beauties, it is hewn from rocky cliff.

Villa Marmacen1 architecture

The effect of a sail is created by the billowing rafters, so that the villa appears to be about to take flight.

Villa Marmacen6 architecture

Its few rooms suffice to deliver the view with panache.

Villa Marmacen11 architecture

In 2008, it was renovated, but with a new kitchen that lacks the carefree charm of the rest of the villa.

Villa Marmacen5 architecture

But, even with flawed “upgrades” sweet whitewashed villas on the mediterranean with stunning views can have stunning prices.

Villa Marmacen2 architecture

This one?

A cool €9.8 million.

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